Monday, July 21, 2014

Prize winners, compassion and heroes

I think we can all agree that Rex and Juan Enchilda Kakadu Cortez deserve to win our giveaway.

It’s time for SAT to announce the winners of our David Attenborough Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who sent in entries – they were very creative, and a great celebration of the human/non-human bond.

We’re not ones for keeping everyone in suspense (no edge-of-your-seat slow-mo envelope opening then pausing for dramatic effect here) so the winners are:

Rex and his two-year-old, David-Attenborough-loving Flinder’s ranges scorpion, the impressively named Juan Enchilada Kakadu Cortez (check out the details here).

No Rex, you don’t score an Oscar, a Grammy, Tony or even a Logie, but those things just gather dust anyway (though I am sure it would be great to have Hugh Jackman sing the intro to our blog). Instead you will be getting a brand spanking new lovely copy of David Attenborough’s Micro Monsters, featuring special double episodes with behind-the-scenes footage.

But the ABC have been very generous, allowing us to give away not one but THREE copies of the DVD.

That means we have two runners up. Congratulations then to Alaska and Sandwich, who watch TV like this.

Alaska and Sandwich.
...and of course Kirsten and her Kitty, who watches Kirsten while Kirsten watches TV.

Ever get the feeling you're being watched?
We’ll be sending your DVD’s out this week. If you missed out you can always purchase the DVD through your ABC shop.

On a non-directly-veterinary note, we want to highly recommend Uberto Pasolini's film Still Life. The movie has just been released in Australia and we were fortunate enough to catch a preview over the weekend. It is an exceptional essay on life, death and compassion, filmed beautifully and acted brilliantly. It isn't about animals, although animal lovers won't miss the three minor roles played by dogs and a character played by a cat.

In other news this week is SUPERHERO week, though I might be so bold as to suggest that it’s a tad chilly to run around in tights. Still, Phil and I will be undertaking super deeds to raise money for the incredible superheroes at Bear Cottage. To find out more about what we’re up to you can visit our page here. We've got one week left to raise some money for Bear Cottage so we're keen to do all we can. You can read more about Bear Cottage here