Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to find pet friendly rental accommodation

Renting with pets can be challenging, but it shouldn't be.
As many pet owners know, it can be downright hard to find suitable rental accommodation that allows for pets. Inability to find pet-friendly accommodation is one reason that some pets are relinquished to shelters, severing the human animal bond and leaving the pet to an uncertain and unhappy future.

The Australian Companion Animal Council (ACAC) has teamed up with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA) to produce brochures on Renting with Pets and Tenants with Pets, along with Pet Application & Agreement Forms.

For ACAC’s guide for tenants wishing to rent with pets, click here.

To download ACAC’s guide on tenants with pets for landlords and managing agents, click here.

To download the pet rental application form, click here.

This is a big issue – not just for animals (for whom the stakes are very high), but for people as well. To read more about the challenges of renting with pets, check out our interview with cultural geographer Dr Emma Power.