About Me

My veterinary journey

I’ve been working since 2005 in veterinary small animal general practice and loving (almost) every minute of it. I’ve worked with the RSPCA NSW, locumed up and down the NSW coast and in the Northern Territory, and worked both full-time and as a locum in Sydney.

I also work as a lecturer  in the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney and as a writer for The Veterinarian Magazine, and a weekly columnist for News Local. I have also contributed to other publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Critters USA, Rabbits USA and others.

Graduating with the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies from the University of Sydney.
My academic journey

It wasn’t how I planned it, but my academic journey has proceeded thus:

Completed a Bachelor of Arts (philosophy major, University of Sydney, 2000) with honours (for those who care, Spinoza is my favourite philosopher of all time, bar none). This was followed by a Bachelor of Science Veterinary (University of Sydney, 2003) – during which I completed a thesis on the use of immunohistochemistry to diagnose feline infectious peritonitis under the supervision of Associate Professor Jacqui Norris  – whilst also completing the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (University of Sydney, 2005).

In 2013 I completed the Master of Veterinary Studies  through Murdoch University. In 2014 I completed the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) through the University of Sydney. In 2014 I completed the Centre for Veterinary Education's Distance Education Program in Medical Oncology

I have a strong interest in animal welfare, its something I feel we can continue to learn about and improve. In 2016 I became a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in animal welfare and a Diplomate of the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine.

Okay, so I might like studying just a little bit. With the encouragement of colleagues I've undertaken a PhD focusing on veterinary ethics, which is in its late stages.

Other interests

Its always risky posting these kinds of things on line...a bit like the "hobbies and interests" section on one's resume - always completed earnestly, and scorned or laughed at uproariously by prospective employers. But why not? 

In no particular order, I am particularly partial to: animals of all kinds, spending time with animals, felids, dogs under 3kg hold a special place in my heart, infectious disease thrillers (for example, 28 Days Later - I know this is supposed to be a zombie thriller but it models the outbreak of a virulent viral epidemic so well, flesh eating aside), science-based thrillers (including the musical variety, like Little Shop of Horrors), infectious diseases (the study and prevention of rather than the acquisition of), Sherlock Holmes, Wes Anderson (especially the Isle of Dogs), enthusiastic people, tomatoes (especially wild bush tomatoes), inspiring veterinarians, the faint sound of an animal snoring on a comfy bed, guinea pigs, photography, adventures, Air Crash Investigations (and avoidance of in real life), Frankenweenie (a movie about a kid who brings his dog back to life, with science, no less - what's not to like?) , snorkelling (sans crocodiles), and the wilder, less tamed parts of Australia. 

This blog

This blog came about because I wanted to discuss and promote the welfare of companion animals and encourage everyone to think about the human-animal bond and human-animal interactions. I'm also keen to promote veterinary continuing education and reflective practice. Its an evolving piece of work and animal welfare is a rapidly evolving science so posts may not reflect my current opinion.

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