Tuesday, July 1, 2014

House calls, Hills Hoists and Italian fast food

How do you chill with your favourite non-human? Alaska and Sandwich enjoy a bit of TV. If you’ve not yet entered our David Attenborough giveway, there’s still time! Click here.
As mentioned earlier, SAT HQ has temporarily relocated to Padova, in the North East of Italy, where we are working remotely and hanging out with Italian veterinarians, mycologists and parasitologists working on zoonotic diseases (i.e. diseases that can be transmitted between humans and animals).

What is really amazing is that when I walked into the laboratory, everyone – and I mean everyone – knew my cats. In fact, Michael is staring at me from a picture on the wall behind the desk. Such are the benefits of international collaboration.

Italy's answer to the Aussie Hill's Hoist. I think they've one-upped us here.
Close up, just in case you missed it.
This week we will be joining Fabrizio Montarsi as he collects mosquitoes in the Alps (if you want to know a bit more about Fabrizio, here is a post about what heeats for dessert).

We've also been doing the odd house call and sampling Italian fast food.
Examining Elliot, who had a sore eye, with Dr Patrizia Danesi.
Fast food, Italian style.
In other very important news SAT readers have shared some links, including this post on awkwardly sitting cats (click here) and a short video of this woman’s routine (click here). I applaud her commitment to oral hygiene.

Meantime if you're keen to read more about vector borne disease, check out this link here.