Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Cats of Australia - as viewed by Italian artist Elena Mambretti

Gatti Australiani, Painted in Italy. Imagine coming across the world to find this package awaiting you.
Italy is famous for its art, so it was an absolute honour to be presented with this beautiful collection of paintings of Australian cats by Italian artist Elena Mambretti. They are absolutely stunning.

Hero, painted by Elena Mambretti.
Michael, painted by Elena Mambretti.
Elena was a civil engineer but is now a band manager and artist – with an incredible eye for cats!

(If you do happen to travel to Italy before August, you might also like the Frida Kahlo exhibition in Rome - details here. Kahlo also had an eye for cats. One thing I learned was that as a young adult Kahlo was in a terrible bus accident, sustaining a fractured spine, collarbone, ribs, pelvis and leg; dislocated foot and shoulder; and punctured abdomen. She spent a long time in hospital and suffered from chronic, often very extreme pain. Consquently, when she was out of hospital she spent a lot of time at home with her animals. You can see photos of Frida K with her pets here).