Saturday, June 14, 2014

Date with your Flinders Ranges Scorpion

This just in from SAT reader Rex: "Please find attached a photo of myself and my partner in crime preparing for an epic evening of documentary gazing. He always gets excited on our Attenborough Nights, when we choose a documentary to watch together. A Micro Monsters prize would be a welcome addition to our collection".
Thank you to everyone entering our David Attenborough Giveaway competition (if somehow you STILL don’t know about it, click here). We received this entry from Rex and his partner in crime, Juan Enchilada Kakadu Cortez, a two-year-old Flinders Ranges Scorpion (Urodacus elongatus).

I must admit I’ve not personally met a Flinders Rangers Scorpion yet (bring it on), so had to read a bit more about them here.

Please keep the entries coming! I will be posting these regularly so don't fear if you've not seen yours just yet. And if you're in Sydney it looks like there will be an entire wet weekend - perfect for taking snaps of pets and peeps punching in some couch time.

Meantime the big newsdoing the rounds is a potential new treatment for parvovirus. I am always cautiously optimistic about these leads as they don't always materialise in the form of a commercially available drug. Parvo is a terrible disease and the mainstay of prevention is vaccination. The virus is everywhere, it lasts in the environment for years, and kills thousands of puppies every year. So failing to vaccinate is a false economy.

Affected animals require intensive care and not all respond, so it will be wonderful to add something new to our arsenal.