Friday, June 13, 2014

Pole-vaulting cats, mis-directed texts and a vet nurse who rocks

The latest entry from our David Attenborough Giveaway competition. Yes, its meant to be a pic of you and your non-humans watching the box but we got this note: "Hi Anne and Phil, my name is Jennifer and I live the simple life, so I don't have a TV. I pass the time with a good bottle of red and a little lie down". Thanks Jennifer. (NB We must do the responsible thing and note that wine is a definite no-no for dogs, but good for Jennifer for resisting the magnestism of the teev).

There’s nothing like a three-legged cat-thlete to throw a spanner in the works of your day. There I was about to blog this morning when a certain hero (aptly named Hero) leapt onto a carelessly positioned piece of outdoor furniture and pole-vaulted into the neighbour’s yard and was left clinging precariously to a fence with his single front leg.

He wasn’t too thrilled when I retrieved him but he’s recovering on the bed now.

Hero is uninjured (despite his best efforts!)
Said piece of furniture is too heavy to move, so I called a friend with a big muscly partner to see if I could borrow him to fix that situation. To aid in his decision making I took a photo of the furniture and texted it to my girlfriend with the caption “this is the situation”. It went to the wrong number and a guy called Matt was left very confused (for the people who believe - which I don't - sometimes tells me this is all because it is "Mecury retrograde"). Try explaining THAT to Matt. I think he thought I was some shifty person trying to move some hot goods.

Next week we’re interviewing the fabulous Maria Temelkos, vet nurse extraordinaire by day and vocalist for all-girl, floor-filling wonder-band that is The Frocks. There is nothing these ladies can’t cover, and if you liked the original you will loved the Frocked-up version. They've got a very special gig on next weekend, so if you're in town your feet won't forgive you for missing the Frocks.