Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Do dogs synchronise their behaviour with humans?

So that's how dogs work...

What’s the legacy of your companion animals? Phil and I have engaged in a lot of citizen science to try to improve general understanding of dogs, human, and the whole dog-human relationship.

You can do it too! Our mates at Do You Believe in Dog? Are helping PhD student Charlotte Duranton at the University Aix-Marseille Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology to recruit human participants for a citizen science project.

The project is about behavioural synchrony – i.e. whether dogs synchronise their behaviour to humans. (You can read more about the project here - with a bit more of an explanation of the science behind this question).

Charlotte needs participants who are dog owners AND she needs NON-dog owners too. That seems to account for everyone on the planet.

It takes about 10-15 minutes and requires you to view some videos and provide responses. (I completed the study while Phil slept in – he loves citizen science).

In other news, one of our readers shared this photo essay about dogs in bags on the New York subway.