Monday, November 28, 2016

Great advice for vets and other news

Dixie does her best to blend in to the rug.

Our colleague Dr Jim Euclid runs, a fantastic free blog/vlog/forum for veterinarians. Recently we’ve been watching his fantastic interviews, including with Professor Richard Malik and Dr Charles Kuntz. These contain advice for recent and experienced graduates that is definitely worth a look, as well as fascinating insights into veterinary career trajectories. Registration is free. Find it here.

If you’re in Melbourne and interested in health (human or non-human), consider coming along to the Future Health Leaders dinner on Saturday night. Aside from great food and great company, there will be a great talk (I hope so – I’m the speaker) about the importance of One Health. Tickets are very reasonably priced and available online.

We’re still working hard on the Vet Cook Book. In the interests of gender balance, we are hoping a few more blokes share the culinary skills we know they have! Check out our facebook page at