Saturday, July 5, 2014

Date with your dog: a holiday in Tuscany?

This dog was happy to pose. And little wonder. What a stunning profile.
This weekend SAT HQ has moved to Tuscany in Italy, which we can safely declare is absolutely beautiful – the light, the vineyards, the scenic roads, winding cobbled streets and historic buildings (they certainly did build them to last). One fantastic thing about this place – and most of Italy – is that you can take your dog out to a bar or restaurant. Even large dogs are welcome and it’s not a recent phenomenon – there are little doggy drinking fountains built into walls of buildings that are hundreds of years old.

This isn't a drinking fountain for dogs but I liked the detail on the top.
The dogs are well behaved, people are happy because they can hang with their pets, and it’s a great opportunity for the temporarily dog-less to get their canine fix.

There are also cats in Tuscany. This one parked her botski next to this no parking sign.
Not a bad view...
Among other things I am working on a project on disclosing clinical error (any clinician who says they have not made an error is not being honest with themselves). I found this lovely quote from a book called How to Deal with Adversity by Christopher Hamilton (you can see him talk about the book here).

“…it is not despite but on account of all the mistakes you have made in your life, and not despite but because of all the forms of adversity that you have experienced and had to cope with, have confronted well or made a mess of, the life you have lived and are living has given you a unique insight into your condition and the human condition more generally. The adversity of your life has been a precious sources of enlightenment. You will face more adversity. As you do, you should seek not simply to cope with it as constructively as possible, turning it to account, but also remember that it is giving you an understanding of things that is irreplaceably valuable. It is part of your inheritance as a human being – and you should seek not to consider it alien to you.”p134-5.

Anyone working in any field needs to acknowledge that errors can and will occur and seek to maximise their learning from these.

It’s to know that everyone back home is spending quality time with their pets…entries are still trickling in for our David Attenborough Giveaway. For more info check out this post.

Jasper catches some z's while Riley catches up on essential viewing.

Hamilton, C (2014) How to Deal with Adversity School of Life Publishing, London.