Friday, July 4, 2014

What does a baby hedgehog look like?

These photos were taken by Annika Cova, who saved this little baby hedgehog (riccio) from a road, where many hedgehogs suffer an untimely and gruesome end. This little bambini was taken to a wildlife sanctuary (Giardino delle Capinere) where it will be cared for until it can be released (alas I cannot claim to have met this delightful little critter in person.

Obviously these little guys can move. But at least for an Australian, the sight of 55g of hedgehog
is very special.
A good place to take an orphaned baby least if you are in Italy.
This was a pet hedgehog I met in the USA. Beautiful guy. Apparently they can suffer from ringworm and at least in the wild they can be riddled with ticks.
Meantime back in Australia the ASAVA is hosting a webinar next week on surgical management of traumatic wounds and wound reconstruction with Dr Gordon Corfield. For more info visit

The Animal Referral Hospital is hosting an oncology workshop on July 27 – the program looks excellent. To find out more click here