Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Why your best friend should avoid chocolate

chocolate; chocolate toxicity
We may feel better when we eat chocolate, but this is a high risk food which companion animals need protection from.

Easter is almost upon us. Not everyone observes the religious holiday, but many, many people religiously observe the tradition of eating chocolate. The problem occurs when such treats find their ways into the mouths of our companion animals.

This week I spoke to Cathy from Pets4Life about chocolate toxicity in pets, which you can read here.

The key points are that chocolate can be very toxic to dogs, the darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is, and that companion animals aren’t deterred by wrappers. They may not have opposable thumbs but if there’s a food reward they can unwrap a box of chocolates faster than you can say “oy, stop unwrapping my chocolates, don’t you know they’re bad for dogs?”. And if they can’t, many will just eat the wrapper.

SAT is having a slight hiatus over the long weekend as I'm involved in an animal welfare project, but we'll be back online on April 19.