Thursday, April 20, 2017

Early age desexing resources and companion animals in apartments

early age desexing, kittens, neutering, strata and pets
Kittens are all over the internet, but overpopulation in real life is a major feline welfare issue.

Do you work with cats? The Cat Protection Society have put together an educational resource for veterinarians, including a package about early-age desexing.

Early-age desexing or EAD is one strategy to reduce the problem of unwanted litters (others are ensuring all cats are microchipped so they can be returned to their owners if they become lost, and yet another is adopting cats from shelters).

The education resources have been put together by a team, including myself, and are aimed at veterinarians, nurses and shelter staff who wish to help cats. To find out more, click here.

Do you live with a companion animal in an apartment? More and more Sydneysiders do. I see a number of clients each week who have concerns about living in an apartment with a companion animal – whether it’s a worry about noise or a landlord who has told someone after they’ve moved in with an animal that companions of the non-human kind are not allowed.

The City of Sydney is again offering a free Strata Skills 101 workshop on Tuesday May 23 from 6-8pm. Strata Paws is presented by Dr Joanne Righetti, an animal behaviour consultant at Pet Problems Solved, and facilitator Robin Miles, Director of Social Equity Networks.

This workshop would suit pet owners about to move into an apartment, those in apartments who have acquired a new companion animal anyone living in an apartment thinking about living with a companion animal (it’s always good to do your homework first). It is useful whether you own your apartment or you’re renting.

To register, click here

To find out about other workshops in the Strata Skills 101 program, check out the website