Friday, March 17, 2017

Help Border Collies beat cancer

Boarder collie lymphoma; canine cancer research
The late and gorgeous Mac and Jetty, who have a research project named in their honour, thanks to very devoted owners.

When Mac and Jetty (two beautiful border collies) passed away from lymphoma and anal sac cancer, their owner Anne Evans wanted to leave a gift to honour both of them - The Mac and JettyLymphoma Research Project was born.

And they need your help! Do you know a Border Collie? Have you lived with one? You may be able to help out in some important studies.

Sydney University PhD candidate Pamela Soh and oncology resident Dr Katrina Cheng are working on two important studies as part of the research project.

The first looks at the general health status and prevalence of diseases in the Border Collie population. You can complete the survey here

The second part of the study is looking at lymphoma in Border Collies. If you own or know any Border collies with lymphoma, or their relatives, Pamela Soh and Dr Katrina Cheng are seeking blood samples to investigate predisposing risk factors in the breed and potential new treatment targets.

The ultimate aim is to reduce the incidence of lymphoma in Border collies, and other dogs.

And if you don’t know any Border collies? You can help spread the word by visiting and sharing the facebookpage

For more information you can email Katrina or Pamela at