Monday, February 6, 2017

Help set the One Welfare agenda, and feline-friendly home modifications

Cat modifications, cats, arthritis
These carpeted stairs enable a 17-year-old cat to continue to sleep in his favourite spot - on the bed.

Would you like to help set the agenda to move the One Welfare concept foreword? The One Welfare concept acknowledges the inextricable links between the welfare and wellbeing of humans, animals and the environment.
One Welfare World is consulting with people around the world to determine appropriate terminology and parameters for One Welfare. You can have your say until April 30.

If you want to learn more about the development of this concept, download the papers here.

A recent project I’ve been involved with is a discussion about the welfare needs of cats. As part of this I’ve been visiting households where people have made modifications to better accommodate the needs of their cats, including outdoor enclosures for otherwise indoor cats, variations on the standard litter tray to accommodate cats who like privacy or those who like to party in the litter, nooks to hide and places to climb.

Cats, litter, litter tray
Sam and Atticus enjoy use of litter trays with high sides.
cats, cat proofing, cat enclosure
This cat-proofed balcony ensures that cats can enjoy the view without succumbing to "high rise syndrome".
It’s been a fantastic experience. If you have any photos of feline-friendly modifications you’re happy to share, drop us a line.