Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gift for a veterinarian: a pompous pet portrait

Ellie-May at work.
What is the ideal gift for a busy veterinarian? We recently asked this question in planning for a milestone birthday (21) for our boss. The answer was an historic painting featuring her non-human family members from Paul Carpenter at Pompous Pets.

Geoffery, captured in a rare nanosecond of stillness.
We submitted photos of Geoffery (Burmese) and Ellie-May (Labradoodle) and along with a brief biography of each. Geoffery is definitely in charge. Paul sent us a draft, we agreed that it looked awesome, and he hand delivered it.

This is the final result – and yes, she did love it!

Geoffery and Ellie-May, painted by Paul Carpenter.
Also this week, I was interviewed by Brian from VetTalkTV about Monday’s blog post. You can listen to the podcast here.