Friday, October 2, 2015

More on the dog cafe - and a talk on Cats 101

A beagle enjoying a treat at dedicated dog cafe, the Dog Barkery.

I had some great feedback about a photo from this week’s post on dogs and love with quite a few people asking for the details. It was taken at the Dog Barkery in Belmont, New South Wales – around two hours North of Sydney if you are driving. Alas I was dogless at the time – we happened to drive past when I saw the words “Dog Barkery” and caught site of a huge, wagging Golden retriever tail under a sign which read “Dogs allowed” I knew we had to stop.

You wouldn't want to accidentally lock your dog in this shop overnight.
It’s an interesting concept for a business. They sell gourmet dog treats, as well as dog “coffee” (Liver Lattes, Puppaccinos etc) that can be consumed on site. They have the service down pat – the waiter or waitress brings a bowl of dog coffee (doffee?) and puts it on a placemat and they go for it. Its not a place you would necessarily take a dog suffering from dietary intolerance, pancreatitis or obesity. But it might be fun for an occasional treat. Apparently many dogs celebrate their birthdays here.

For obvious reasons, dogs must be kept on lead in the store. It would be far too easy to be tempted otherwise!

The window.
Check out their website here

On a feline note, if you are located in Queensland or will be travelling through next week, behaviourist Dr Janice Lloyd will be giving a presentation on Cats 101. The talk is on Tuesday, October 6 at the Riverside Gardens Community Centre in Townsville. Janice is a fabulous speaker, so it promises to be an informative and entertaining session.