Saturday, October 3, 2015

Celebrating World Animal Day Weekend

The RSPCA in New South Wales is hosting some colourful events this weekend to mark World Animal Day. More info here.
Are you doing anything to mark the World Animal Day Weekend? Phil and I popped down to Bicentennial Park in Glebe where the RSPCA’s Reigning Cats and Dogs event is in full swing – at least the dog part of it (the actual official World Animal Day is October 4).

Today they’re hosting Rescue Dog Adoption Day. If you’re in Sydney, head down to Glebe where you can meet rescue dogs from a range of organisations. It’s also a chance to support companion animal charities including the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League and other rescue groups.

The dedicated teem from HERD2HOMES dog rescue gives working breed dogs a second chance at life. More info here.
Phil cosies up to some wonderful Animal Welfare League NSW volunteers. For more info on the Animal Welfare League visit here.
Charlie from Furry Friends Forever Rescue is looking for a forever home. For more info visit here.
You can pick up a personalised dog bowl from Janet at Personalised Pet.
Humans need first aid too. St John's Ambulance volunteers are on hand to look after the first-aid needs of human guests, while the RSPCA has a dedicated team of volunteers on hand lest any non-humans require first aid. We're hoping neither eventuates. Phil loves volunteers.
A number of greyhound rescue groups are present today. Greyhound Rescue are selling these amazing collars, designed especially for sight hounds. For more info check them out here.
Tomorrow night the RSPCA is hosting its second inaugural feline film festival.
Phil said g’day to a few volunteers but as the weather is getting toasty he has returned home for a nap.

Plenty of greyhounds are in need of homes, and there are a number up for adoption. If you are greyhound curious or just want to find out more, check out the Greyhound Adoption Program.
Dogs were making the most of these portable shell pools.
Don’t forget the birds!

This month Birdlife Australia is seeking citizen scientists to count the birds in their yard. Visit here to find out how you can download the free app and collect data that will help conservationists understand the numbers and distribution of urban avian species. To get involved click here.