Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wikibombing and heat stress

Its a nice weekend for a bit of swimming (just try to do it at the cooler ends of the day).

We’re always busy, but SAT HQ has been extraordinarily busy this week and we’re a little belated with our Howl-o-ween posting. Yesterday was a double whammy – we hit the VetPrac sutureworkshop, which I’ll be blogging about shortly, followed by Sydney University’sWikibomb. This was a fascinating experience.

Apparently, chocolate-coated strawberries are helpful when Wikibombing.

Apart from being provided with chocolate coated strawberries and an array of goodies, we learned how to construct and edit a Wikipedia entry. And let me tell you, it ain’t simply a matter of uploading any old rubbish online (which is reassuring since this source is used so often by so many as the first point of call when seeking information). You have to set up an account, you can play in a “sandbox”, and entries are checked before being posted.

There is a little bit of coding involved (nothing that can’t be learned in a brief session) and a bit of fiddling (to ensure all appropriate reference details are provided). But in a two-hour session delegates including myself went from never having posted on Wikipedia to constructing, formatting and sending an entry live.

Down in Sydney the heat has set in so we wanted to warn our readers to take precautions to avoid heat stress in pets. I’m in the process of making little icepacks for the guinea pig enclosures to give them a bit of a coolness gradient – and they’re indoors in full shade.

For more tips on coping in the heat, check this post.

SAT reader Viv is currently travelling in Mexico and sent these photos of fabulous street art, in which animals feature. Thanks Viv!