Monday, November 3, 2014

SAT Giveaway: the Sydney Dog Lover's Show

What are you up to next weekend? Do you LOVE dogs?

Thanks to the generous folks the Dog Lover's Show, SAT has a whopping TEN passes to the Dog Lover’sShow in Sydney (Friday 7 to Sunday 9 of November – i.e. this weekend).

It’s at the Royal Hall of Industries and the Hordern Pavilion with over 200 exhibitors and around 600 dogs (n.b. just don’t bring your own dog – see the notes here).

To win a pass to this event, all you have to do is email or tweet us about WHY YOU LOVE DOGS: in a sentence, in prose, poetry or pictures (a picture, after all, says a thousand words – though I am not sure my school teachers who have accepted a picture in lieu of an assignment).

Please include your NAME, email address, and a phone number. (Entry also confirms your permission for us to post your winning entry – but let me know if you won’t want your name posted). Individuals, couples and families are welcome to enter…to keep it fair I will award a max of four tickets to a group entry (but include all names, ages etc). 

You will need to be quick. The Dog Lover’s Show opens at 10am this Friday. All entries should be recieved before Wed close of business this week!