Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Have your say: Australian Veterinary Association policies

Should animal products in Australia have a 'welfare label'?

What do you think about behaviour-modifying dog collars that use electric shocks or citronella to reduce barking? Should specific breeds of dogs be banned to reduce the risk of dog attacks? In what sort of situations should veterinarians administer pain relief? Should animal products in Australia feature a ‘welfare label’? If animals are to be used in petting zoos, how should we ensure their welfare?

These are important questions and the Australian Veterinary Association is currently seeking comment on draft policies around these and other topics. Plenty of people start to yawn when they here the p-word, but you shouldn’t: policy is designed to influence and impact animal welfare and when written and used well can make a huge improvement to the lives of animals.

If you’re a veterinarian or veterinary student and a member of the AVA (which you SHOULD be, as you can then comment on and positively influence these policies), now is the time to comment on the draft policies, either online (here), via email (avaact@ava.com.au), or via snail mail (Amanda O’Hara, PO Box 4257, Kingston ACT 2604).