Monday, July 14, 2014

Animals in Bristol Street Art

A man and his dog drive a tractor. Detail from wall mural in Bristol.
SAT has left Italy (we will miss its mycologists, entomologists and tomatoes dearly) and landed in Bristol, land of the Bristol veterinary school and also – as we discovered – famous street art, including some pieces by Banksy.

Every artist has their muse, and it seems that dogs, cats and wildlife inspire graffiti artists too: animals are a recurring theme in Bristol’s street art. Here are a couple of highlights.

Stencil of a cat on a building in Bristol.
An enormous leaping dog-human on the side of a building.
Even tough guys wielding crayons accessorise with dogs in these parts...
Loved this sci-fi birdosaurus.
Diagonally across the road there is this stunning sleeping fox.

I liked the detail on this public art near the harbour.
This very sad panda appears in a number of spots around the city.
If you enjoy animals in your art, you might like this post on dogs in Australian art or this interview with sculptors Gillie and Marc.