Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stuck for something to do this weekend?

Twiglet says hi to Phil. She isn't put off by dogs, and Phil isn't put off by cats who aren't put off by dogs. Fortunately.

This weekend we’ve collected some links to keep you informed and entertained.

I loved this article on in which Patrick Stokes asks “where does passion for your career end and Stockholm Syndrome begin?” or (for those seeking a more literal veterinary angle) whether we should teach the hamster to enjoy his or her wheel.

What would you do if diagnosed with a terminal illness? Veterinary dentist Lisa Milella closed her practice the very next day and embarked on a mission to use her skills to help wildlife in need and teach other veterinarians. Read about it here or help her support International Animal Rescue here.

Australian children’s author and illustrator Alison Lester (interviewed previously by SAT here) has just relaunched her website. She’s an animal lover and her drawings are fantastic. I bought her Noni the Pony cards but suspect I’ll end up framing them.

This video which has donethe rounds of the internet shows Duffy, a blind dog seeing its owners for the first time following surgery to remove cataracts (in this case a complication of diabetes).

OKGO are and will always be one of my favourite bands, thanks in part due to their doggy film clip (click here or see below). 

This week they released their new video for The Writing's on the Wall… it’s a strangely up-beat break up song with a brilliant music video. Its hard not to watch it about 5000 times. On the day the clip was released on Rolling Stone and everyone in the world wanted a piece of the band, I have it on good authority that lead singer Damian Kulash was out taking his dogs for a drive/walk. 

I liked this interview with “the Mark Twain of dog writers”, who said that

One of the differences between pets and working animals is that sometimes the working animal is right and you’re wrong. That’s a big difference. Every now and then, the animal has the moral authority. If I give a wrong command out there, and the dog fails to take it, is the dog wrong for not taking my command, or am I wrong for giving the wrong command?
Pets can be right too!

Don’t forget to livestream SPARCS, a free, TED-style conference allabout canine science. You don’t need a login – just view from the comfort of your home/office/favourite cafĂ©/dog park/jacuzzi (be safe with electricity people).

Finally, if you're Sydney based and looking for some Saturday night excitement, don't miss the Frocks "Frocking for a Cause". If all goes according to plan, myself and pet groomer Amanda just might deliver on a commitment we made some time ago.