Saturday, January 25, 2014

Date with your dog: the groomer

Glenn holds Phil while he has his locks trimmed. Neither are massive fans of the groomer.

This post is inspired by my dear friend and world renowned herpetologist Glenn Shea. Unlike many people, Glenn is comfortable cohabiting with reptiles, has been known to cook and eat tripe curry and has discovered new species in some of the harshest terrain in the world. The man is fearless.

Almost. Turns out that a trip to the barber makes him anxious. In fact, on the way there he made the bold and startling claim that he'd rather have a colonoscopy than a haircut.

Fellow herpetologist and friend Carrie B, Phil and myself accompanied Glenn to the Demon Barber, an establishment that offers "one hell of a haircut". They were lovely enough to let Phil sit with Glenn (it was my hope that this might help counter any barber-induced hypertension). I'm not sure that the Phil effect was strong enough. Glenn did not look at all comfortable during the procedure.

I had to leave halfway but pannicked several hours later when I hadn't heard from Glenn or Carrie B. Had Glenn succumbed to the stress and suffered a caridac arrest or stroke? Were they in ICU somewhere? Was the Demon Barber really Sweeney Todd?

Thankfully it transpired that Glenn had survived and gone to work. By the time he popped in to say g'day, the colour had returned to his skin and he was rocking a new 'do. Much like Phil, Glenn loves the feeling of a new hair cut - just hates the process of getting it.

Coincidentally, Phil's groomer Amanda had that very day invited colleagues to sacrifice 8 inches of hair for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths initiative which creates free human hair wigs for women suffering from cancer and treatment associated hair loss. I told Glenn I'd signed up. 

"Eight INCHES???" he exclaimed, the colour once again draining from his face. I felt like I'd just handed Indiana Jones a rattle snake. 

We won't be inviting Glenn to that event! But Phil will be coming along, and will be thrilled when he realises that for once it will be the groomer getting the chop, and not him!

Phil attempts to take advantage of Amanda's semi distracted state to make an escape.