Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You've met the man, now meet the species named after him

Dr Glenn Shea. Anatomist, herpetologist, muse for naming select species.
Well, some of you may not have met the man. But aside from teaching veterinary anatomy at the University of Sydney, Glenn Shea is a prominent herpetologist and all-round nice guy. 

Not many people these days can claim to have an entire species named after them. In fact, Glenn has MORE than one species named after him but I’ve only met a representative of one of these face to face.

Nephrurus sheai, named for both its kidney-like tail and after Glenn Shea.
The Northern prickly knob-tailed gecko (Nephrurus sheai – pronounced neff-roo-russ shay-eye) is so named for its kidney-like tail and in honour of Glenn himself. These adorable critters are found in the North-eastern parts of WA and the North of the NT.

Nephrurus sheai. Try saying that ten times in a row!

Lets call this one Glennda. She is most likely female because on recent inspection she lacked the obvious hemipenes possessed by the boys (although believe you me I have been tricked by the old apparent lacking-of-hemipenes before. Sometimes those things are very well hidden!).

Has anyone else met one of this magnificent creatures?