Sunday, November 17, 2013

Patient update: Phil bounces back after removal of the root of all evil

Phil has made a full recovery and now has a spring in his step. 
No case report is complete without follow up. Last week SAT reported on resident canine expert Phil's epic battle with a retained tooth root. Every passing day seems to confirm the root-of-all-evil hypothesis. Our patient's appetite has improved, he's getting up earlier, jumping up the front step more and seems happier to run around than he has been in months.

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  1. What a trooper - poor lil Phil. Glad he's better!
    I can say without a doubt that having had a tooth root abscess that came and went as my immune system dampened down the abscess, which then flared up again, tis very unpleasant. And something small can often be cause of problems - harder to find!
    I hate that cause and effect mislead of the allergic sting though - I would totally have been suckered.
    Poor May - I would have ordered you out of the operating area. Actually in your case - out of the clinic, possibly out of Stanmore all together.


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