Saturday, November 16, 2013

Date with your dog: DIY xmas card

Little Santa and his big helper. Possibly looking beyond the camera at a tasty treat. (Photo by Jenny Parker).
So this year my effort wasn't 100 per cent DIY, but making a dog-themed xmas card is definitely an exciting way to spend some time with your dog (or dogs).

In this case we enlisted in a Shoot-ya-pooch photo shoot, as we have come to the conclusion that whilst I am an enthusiastic photographer, Phil seems to save his cutest poses for Jenny Parker.

The shoot was intense. The boys were very excited and kept changing position. They probably posed like this for a nanosecond.

But Jenny managed to turn this...
The making of...note the mayhem and awkwardness...
Into this...
Bosca looks like an innocent reindeer, while Phil looks like badass Santa from the 'hood. He is ruling that antique chair.
So I got onto snapfish and made them into cards. Imagine getting THIS in the mail!!!
You can upload any photo you want on the card.
Of course you don't need a professional photographer to make your own pet-themed xmas cards (but in this case it helped).

Have you ever featured a pet on an xmas or holiday card? If so, SAT would love to know! Send a photo and we will feature it through December.

In other news...

The Lort Smith Animal Hospital has teamed up with Dr Arthur House to provide a webinar on the medical and surgical management of burns in companion animals, to be held on November 21 at 7.30pm. For more information sign up here.

The second is an ad and whilst it pains me to post advertisements, this one is a Rube Goldberg Machinefor dogs and I think must be commended.

It’s very much in the tradition of OkGo, whose film clip to This Too Shall Pass (wise words to recite whilst you’re waiting for a dog to eliminate a foreign body from the distal colon) is awesome. 

(But as SAT readers know their best clip ever has to be their canine-filled video for White Knuckles – if you Google the making of videos you can lose a Saturday morning).

See. There I go.

SAT reader Merryn sent this very worthy compilation of cats stealing dogs’ beds. 

Oh and this one has done the rounds of the internet but cats with unusual markings is worth a second look. I am particularly enamoured with permanent top hat cat and moustache cat.