Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to make the little boars in your life very happy

(c) Anne Fawcett
Twigs? Kindling? Nope. They're apple tree chews for guinea pigs and rabbits.
I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for ways to ensure my guinea pigs are happy with their lot in life. Mostly that comes down to providing excellent hay, time outside and a decent diet. I do try treats but the reaction is usually negative. e.g. I offered Radike Samo a strawberry last week and he ran as far away as he possibly could from the offending food. 

When I received my orchard hay in the mail this week there was a sweet little surprise in the box: at first I thought someone had wrapped a few twigs but they are Apple Tree Chews.

They are sourced from apple trees on a family orchard (Baraka Station) in Stanhope QLD, pruned by hand and never sprayed (important when you are going to allow the small mammals in your life to have a nibble on them).

(c) Anne Fawcett
Randy with his chewed chew. He did pick it up and run around with it but everytime I tried to take a photo he put it down. 
My boars tasted them right away, but the lovely peeps from Specialised Animal Nutrition provided a list of suggestions for the neophobic cavies and bunnies out there:

  1. Bending the stick back and forth to bring out the aroma;
  2. Holding it up to their mouth to tempt them to have a first bite;
  3. Rubbing a bit of fresh apple, banana or pear onto it (oh apples and pears - my boys LOVE these but I try to feed these foods sparingly).
(c) Anne Fawcett
Yep, these are a winner. (Well, at least in my house - N=2).