Monday, September 16, 2013

Guest Post - Adele Lloyd from Sentient on her trip in Uganda

Dr Adele Lloyd Dr Alex examining a patient at Uganda SPCA.
Today's post is by Adele Lloyd, Vice President of Sentient and I think it is safe to say someone who has put her veterinary skills to use in some of the most interesting contexts.

Adele visited Uganda where her sister is a primatologist who has connections with the Ugandan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) and is active within the local rural communities. Adele went to help in a behavioural capacity with some locally rescued dogs as well as to volunteer at the USPCA.

Adele writes:

The USPCA is a non-profit animal welfare organization. It is the only organization in the country with the goal of promoting animal welfare through encouraging society to live up to its responsibilities by assisting to achieve an improved level of animal care and husbandry.

Dogs at the Uganda SPCA.
Adele and her husband last visited Uganda in 2008 where they helped in a veterinary and husbandry capacity at the USPCA. 

“It was fantastic seeing one of the animal carers, Remi, again who remembered us being there 5 years ago. He especially remembered the work we did helping a young, terrified Doberman who was rescued from a pit latrine (a ‘hole in the ground’ long drop toilet) where he had been for many days. He was incredibly underweight and terribly frightened of people. After an intensive week of feeding up and gentle socialization, he was almost a different dog and was adopted a week later, which was a great outcome and reward for us and the staff at the USPCA.”

Dr Adele Lloyd and Remi anaesthetise a patient at the Uganda SPCA.
Since Adele’s last visit, the shelter has employed a new manager Alex who helps the new vet Dr Alex with consults and surgery. It was great to see that the staff had further developed their skills and focus towards the needs of the animals in their care. Remi was keen to learn from Adele with regard to some tips on making the ‘catching’ part of their “Catch-Neuter-Return” street dog program more humane.

Sharing skills can improve animal welfare.
Adele took part in the spey and neuter program at the USPCA as well as hosting a short workshop on dog behaviour with the staff - 

“I was just so pleased that the staff actually wanted to know how to treat the dogs there better by understanding their behavioural needs better.”

A patient at the Uganda SPCA.
 The USPCA is run on a shoestring so any donations and help from vets as well as other volunteers are always very welcome. If you need a good excuse to visit Africa then why not combine a working holiday with seeing the amazing wildlife and scenery of Uganda. Having been there three times now and also having a sister who has lived there for 16 years, Adele is happy to give volunteer information as well as details on where the best places are to visit and stay: