Saturday, August 31, 2013

"They're our kids" - Pets in a retirement village

As we get older, we need our companions more. And as they get older, they need us more. We have the resources to support the human animal bond, so we need to make it happen.
SAT’s interview of Di Johnstone, of the Pets and Aged Care Steering Group, is one of our most popular posts ever – as it should be. Many people who have to make the choice to live in a retirement or nursing home are forced to give up their pets. And yet these are the people who need their companion animals most. 

You can read the full interview with Di here:

Meantime, she’s sent some more resources on the topic, including this excellent ABC interview by Sharon Molloy with residents at the Oak Tree Retirement Village in Cairns, and Tricia Miles, Convener of the Cairns Pets and Aged Care Discussion Group.

According to Miles, many retirees simply aren’t aware that some aged care facilities allow pets.

“People seem to believe that it is legislation that prevents aged care facilities from actually taking pets in…that is apparently not true, it is more fear of litigation.”

Pour yourself a cuppa and listen to the full interview here:

Pets get older too. The American Veterinary Medical Association have provided some guidelines on senior pets via this link. A recent study found that older dogs depend on us more - as they age they are less able to cope with emotional social distress. Just as we need them, they need us more. You can read more here.

SAT would love to hear from anyone who has been able to negotiate accommodation in a pet friendly retirement village, nursing home or special needs facility. Please drop us a line.