Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cheap cat toys #2 OR entertaining your apartment-dwelling cat

environmental enrichment cat
Sylvestor can play with his toys just as long as you can dangle them in front of him.
Pet cats need to be entertained, as I've discussed previously here. This week I had the opportunity to spend time with Sylvestor, the most well-adjusted apartment-dwelling cat I've visited at home (most of my patients come to me, and they act very differently than they do at home - much like most humans act very differently when they're at the dentist).

So what are Sylvestor's favourite toys?

Its a stick (or wand if you want to be fancy) with a string and feathers attached so you can suspend the feathers in front of them. There are countless videos of cats the world over going crazy for this thing. 
cats in apartments
Sylvestor busts another acrobatic move.

2. The Laser (pointer, that is)
Cue Dr Evil. Laser pointers are not used to point at cats, or people, or their gonads. You point them at the floor or wall and let your cat chase the moving dot. The perfect toy if you want to do minimal exercise while your cat burns calories like Olivie Newtown John in the Lets Get Physical video clip. Not convinced? Check out the clip below.

I rest my case. The moral of this story, of course, is that companion animals need to be engaged and - for the most part - enjoy interacting and playing. Time spent playing with your cat is never wasted.