Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cheap cat toy #1

inexpensive cat toy
A paper bag with a faux-fur toy thrown in keeps Hero amused...briefly.
Do cats get bored? Yes. Yes they do. They might sit around an awful lot, but cats need mental stimulation and physical activity like the rest of us. Mine live almost wholly indoors, but they do enjoy access to a small courtyard. However, it became a no-go zone with the recent torrential rain.

Hero, my three legged cat, let it be known in no-uncertain terms (that is, by tearing up all paperwork on my desk, smashing a few ornaments on shelves , thundering up and down the hallway at turbo speed and hiding in inappropriate places) that he needed some more-than-usual entertaining.
Driers are dangerous
Hero hides in the clothes drier. 
Enter the paper bag. Snip the handles so no one gets caught in it and it becomes an interesting thing to sit in/on/bite/scratch holes in and ambush unwitting passers-by by jumping out of.

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  1. My cat Sylvester prefers semi-transparent plastic bags. It seems he enjoys the blurred vision these bags give him when he looks through. With a bag on his had, chasing otherwise uninteresting objects becomes a blast. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to play with plastic bags too often, because I'm afraid to leave him unsupervised with them. I'm still trying to think of a way to perforate a bag all over without spoiling the blurring effect. The way my cat says he's bored is by kneading cushions and performing reproductive movements, despite the fact that he is desexed. I'd love to know where he got this idea. Sylvester likes to get into boxes, but is nowhere near as fascinated by them as Maru is. Once a box has been inspected, maybe twice, he's over that box. However, a polyester tunnel proved to be Sylvester's undying love. The holes on the tunnel come very handy when we play Da Bird. When it comes to mice, the ones made of artificial materials are usually of little interest, but the $2 ones, made of real fur, produce such outbursts of passion that the mice end up skinned. The 5-level scratch post is also a winner. I don't remember if I ever tried introducing a paper bag, but now I certainly will - thank you for the reminder.


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