Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pound puppy - four years on

Enjoying the beach, April 2013.
Remember Mr B, the Rhodesian Ridgeback-cross adopted back in 2009 into a loving family? This former shelter dog is living it up on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

But it may not have been. His current owners, having spotted his profile online, travelled interstate to meet him – only to meet the wrong dog. Mr B had a doppelganger who was too boisterous for the would-be owners.
As they left the shelter, disappointed, a staff member asked who they had come to see.

“Mr B,” they replied.

“Oh, he’s out on a walk,” she said. Then entered Mr B – calm, collected, gorgeous...and they never looked back. A few minutes and it might not have been.

Instead, he’s enjoyed four wonderful years in a loving home – and counting. If you're thinking about it, just remember that adopting a shelter animal can make untold difference to someone.