Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pet transport

Had to pick up a dog from interstate on behalf of a family member. The last time I went to the airport to tend to an animal it was a 4.7m saltwater crocodile who needed a sedative, and the time before that was to collect a ferret who couldn't legally be kept in his state of origin. To my surprise it was an easy process. The crate containing Mr B was ready to collect around 15 minutes after the flight landed. Despite probably being thoroughly surprised by his recent journey (how do you explain to an animal you're sticking them in a crate and sticking that crate into a giant flying machine and that they're going to be okay at the end?) he was perfectly fine. So the verdict is that we can thoroughly recommend All Creatures Air Road for interstate pet transportation needs. Give them a call if you need to ship someone you love somewhere else... http://www.allcreaturesairroad.com.au/