Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Update - supporting veterinary team members supporting animals and people in Ukraine

I’ve been trying to stay informed about the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Ukraine, and the human and animal refugee crisis in neighbouring countries as Ukranians are forced to leave.

This is a crisis for the people of the Ukraine, its animals (companion animals, farm animals, working animals and wildlife) and its life-sustaining environment.

Regarding animals, the main challenges are appear to be processing animals with limited or no paperwork, so there is a big need for microchipping and identification of animals, vaccination (particularly for rabies as this is a requirement to move animals across most borders), worming, treatment for animals that are injured or ill ,and provision of food and fodder for animals.

Those veterinary team members who are working on the ground face massive logistical challenges and resource shortages, but all have stressed that they need support for some time.

In Australia, Veterinarians Beyond Borders have set up a donation portal, which can be accessed here:

The European College of Animal Welfare and Behaviour Medicine (ECAWBM) has been involved with the establishment of Vets for Ukraine:

From the US, Greater Good is one organisation working on the ground, and their website is found here. They are publishing webinars containing regular updates, see here:

Please note that the above links are limited to organisations I’ve personally interacted with, and this selection is by no means complete.