Friday, April 3, 2020

Additional Covid-19 resources

One of my colleagues sent me this image of her cats socially distancing. Something that comes a bit more naturally to this species.

This week we’ve been working from home, teaching and doing research-based writing online, attending Zoom meetings (a highlight was being ZoomBombed by a prominent specialist’s cat’s bottom), and trying to attend webinars on Covid-19. I write We because everything I do, I am doing with a cat who appears to be mildly annoyed that I am working from home. We're a smidge "behind" in my webinars, but also trying not to turn into square-eyed blobs!

We're also making an effort to have virtual cups of tea with colleagues and friends where we can, and learning that many of my colleagues are struggling with home schooling their children, on top of completely changing the way they practice, and fielding animal welfare issues. Others are struggling with isolation, especially those living alone, which social distancing guidelines seem to overlook.

Last night we watched the Covid-19 episode of Playschool, and it was like watching something from a science fiction movie. Only it wasn’t. (If you’re looking for something lighter, Sammy J’s Corona Yoga is worth a peak).

RCVS knowledge has put together a comprehensive coronavirus resource page which can be accessed here. It provides information from both medical and veterinary sources, and includes links to journal articles and webinars. You can find it here

This week I am hearing a lot about animal welfare implications of the pandemic from colleagues in Australia and overseas. It can be very challenging to get accurate information, but I am working on compiling this. The big concern is animal care during lockdowns and/or absolute shortage of personnel and funds.

Adoptions from shelters seem to have increased in general, but they need to maintain funds to care for animals even when they are closed, and they also have a duty to protect staff. There is some interesting info about local shelters, including the RSPCA and the Cat Protection Society, in this article (it also stresses that pets are for life, not just for quarantine). 

Finally, if you’re around this morning, Mighty Vet in the US are streaming an update on Covid-19 on Facebook. To register click here.