Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A Webinar with Prof Scott Weese and Hero is over working from home

So over WFH...Hero moved into the spare room.

Yesterday my housemate left the door of the spare room open. When I returned from the kitchen to my own room to sit down for (another) Zoom meeting with a cup of tea, Hero was nowhere to be found.

He moved into the spare room!!!


Of course he was back for dinner.

Anyway, this post is short and sweet. SAT isn’t keen on contributing to information overload. Right now we are trying to share useful information that will be helpful to veterinary team members and also companion animal owners who don’t mind a bit of science.

Dr Scott Weese (or ScoWee as he has been nicknamed), is the author of the exceptional Worms and Germs blog. He is a veterinary internist and Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. He is Professor of the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Director of the Guelph Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses, and Chief of Infection Control at the Ontario Veterinary College Teaching Hospital. And he is renowned for being practical.

This week, thanks to Mighty Vet, he will be giving a webinar covering
  • Decision making around PPE
  • What essential services vets should be providing right now (NB he is based in Canada so there will be some differences in Australia, but its of interest to know what our international colleagues are doing
  • A review on the current knowledge about animal Covid-19 and animals.

You can register for the event here:

It will be streamed live (or livestreamed?) at and

Of course these North American webinars can happen at awkward times. If you aren’t going to be up at 4am AEST (and this will be a stretch for me), you can check it out after on the MightyVet Facebook page here.

Meantime if you want to share an image of your non-human companions working from home or getting involved with home schooling, drop us a line.