Monday, September 11, 2017

What happens to your companion animal if something happens to you?

Are you the only human in your household? Are you the only human in your household who provides care to your companion animal(s)?

Today’s post is on a serious topic, but one worthy of attention. The NSW Trustee and Guardian is the independent executor, administrator, attorney and trustee for the people of New South Wales. They look after people’s affairs when they die, or if they’re otherwise incapacitated.

Unfortunately, every year they hear of pets being left alone when people die without a valid Will, or when people have health issues which make it difficult to communicate with others and tell them about the pets they can no longer take care of.

In response, they’ve developed and are distributing a pet emergency card that you can carry with you. If something happens to you (which of course hopefully it won’t), this card alerts others that you have a pet that needs looking after. It is small enough to be carried in a wallet and contains space to write the pet’s name and who to contact in an emergency.

The card comes attached to a brochure which explains how you can include your pet in your Will, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents – a somber but really important thing to do to ensure that your non-human companions are looked after if you're no longer able to care for them. They're available at some veterinary clinics (including the clinic I work at), animal welfare organisations or direct from the NSW Trustee. These kind of initiatives are designed to minimise suffering and provide continuity of care for animals that depend on us.

For further information visit the NSW Trustee and Guardian at or request a copy via