Monday, May 1, 2017

How does raising awareness lead to better animal welfare outcomes?

How is it that we can proclaim we love animals one minute, then visit a tourist attraction with poor animal welfare standards, or fail to question the welfare of animals we interact with daily? This “attitude-behaviour” gap in animal welfare has been the subject of recent discussion in animal welfare. Sometimes we can KNOW that something results in poor welfare, yet fail to modify our behaviour.

Later this month the University of Sydney is hosting its annual Dr Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium, asking the question: “How does raising awareness lead to better animal welfare outcomes?”.

The event, chaired by Dr Chris Degeling from the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELIM), will include a panel discussion by an interesting array of speakers:

  • Dr Bidda Jones (Chief Scientist, RSPCA Australia)
  • Ms Amelia Cornish (PhD Student, The University of Sydney)
  • Dr Nick Hover (Animal Welfare Manager, Woolworths Supermarkets)
  • Associate Professor Daniel Ramp (Conservation Biologist, UTS)
  • Caro Meldrum-Hanna (ABC News, journalist)
  • Nicola Beynon (Head of Campaigns, Humane Society International – Australia)

When: Wednesday, 31 May, 3-5pm

Where: Webster Lecture Theatre, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, The University of Sydney

Anyone can attend at no charge but you do need to register which you can do by clicking this link.