Friday, May 5, 2017

Free resources: clinical reasoning and animal welfare

cat, love
For those who asked - Hero and I are all good following the redirected aggression incident, and I've recovered from the wound. All is well.

Want to learn more about clinical reasoning? Whether you fall into vet or medicoland, or just interested, this Massive Open Online Course is offered free from the University of Montreal. Find out more here

If you’re feeling podcasts right now, there is one by the Animal Training Academy which discusses, among other things, preventing and reducing fear in the veterinary clinic. This episode features Karolina Westlund, Associate Professor of Ethology at the University of Stockholm. She did a PhD on primate conflict resolution behaviour and has done extensive work in animal training. She stresses the potential impact of taking animal emotions seriously on animal welfare, and the discussion about fear-free vet visits is excellent. She raises some fascinating points, for example the role of fasting in contributing to stress at the vet clinic.

You can check out her blog here  or listen to the podcast here.

What is the difference between empathy and compassion? What are mirror neurons and are they the biological basis of empathy? What is “eco grief”? How do you rekindle if you are burnt out? And what are the limitations of animal welfare science?

Professor Marc Bekoff shared a podcast this morning about compassion fatigue, empathy and animal welfare. Its almost 40 minutes, but if you have some time its worth a listen.