Friday, March 3, 2017

Animal welfare science, ethics &law and behaviour conferences

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I fell in love with this sculpture/ornament when I visited a colleague.

Today we’d like to share some fantastic opportunities for veterinarians and non-veterinarians to extend their knowledge about animal welfare and behaviour. We can always learn more!

If you’re heading to the UK later this year, or you’re able to do so, you can undertake a range of face to face courses on Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law at St Catharine’s College Cambridge, between September 10 and 22.
The courses include
  • Welfare concepts and assessment, and zoo animal welfare (Sept 10-12)
  • Law and companion animal and horse welfare (13-16 Sept)
  • Principles of ethics in relation to animal use (18-20 Sept)
  • Farm animal welfare (21-22 Sept).

For info visit

Human Behaviour Change for animals for animals is running several workshops in the UK for those who will be there over the next few months.
Please visit the website for details. 

Closer to home, the Delta Institute is hosting its Dog Behaviour Conference in Sydney from 7-9 April.

The Conference Consists of Two Programs:

Friday evening program: 'From a Dog's Point of Nose' with Dr Alexandra Horowitz - understanding and appreciating the dog's point of view.  

Who should attend?  Dog owners and anyone interested in the latest research on dog behaviour and perception.  
Two day weekend program (Saturday & Sunday):
 Hosted by comedian Kitty Flanagan and featuring Alexandra, as well as intensive presentations, interactive discussions and special guest speakers, this is not to be missed.  For the full agenda please click HERE.

Who should attend?  This program is intended for dog trainers, pet industry professionals, local and state government bodies and anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the latest research into dog behaviour, training and the importance to society of the human-animal bond.

Finally, if you’re interested in the topic of animal ethics, I’ve been working on a project for several years with Dr Siobhan Mullan and a team of incredible contributors. This has resulted in a textbook of veterinary ethics which you can now pre-order here.