Sunday, February 12, 2017

Help people age positively with pets

When we know the companionship that animals provide, and the loving homes aged owners can provide, shouldn't we work hard to preserve those relationships?

Can you imagine a life without animals? Most of us don’t have to, until we get older and the prospect of having to give up companion animals to move into aged care accommodation looms large. Some people may be able to continue living at home, but have to give up their companions due to an inability to care for them (e.g. provide regular walks).

A Canberra-based advocacy group, Pets And Positive Aging (PAPA), is campaigning to ensure that pet support becomes of the standard services offered to persons in home and community care. This might involve helping companion animal owners meet their animal’s needs, for example regular exercise.

It’s likely that most people reading this blog are fairly convinced of the benefits – to humans and animals – of responsible pet ownership. But for many organisations, assisting people with companion animals sits in the “too hard” basket.

You can assist PAPA by reading and sharing this article.

You can also visit their website here.

Other ways to assist include talking to your local home and community aged care organisations about assisting companion animal owners.