Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Feline-friendly webinars for nurses, technicians and vets

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So, you like cats?

It seems there are a few feline oriented readers out there. When we posed the question "does living with a cat make you a better vet?", there was an impressive spike in visits to the page and social media shares left, right and centre.

So you may be interested to know that this week I discovered, a fantastic resource for nurses and veterinarians looking for info about feline patients. International Cat Care (formerly known as FAB – the Feline Advisory Bureau) has some excellent resources that vets and nurses can sign up for. Because we’ve been inundated with feline eye conditions lately I signed up for Dr Christine Heinrich’s webinar on eye medications in cats. The webinar is pitched at nurses, but it provided an excellent review on treatment of feline herpesvirus and chlamydia (On a side note, why do all feline infectious diseases sound like sexually transmitted infections? I can’t tell you how many times owners fidget uncomfortably when I tell them their cat has herpes) as well as other conditions of the eye.

The monthly webinars are free to those who subscribe. You can find out more here

Disclosure: I have done some writing for Feline Focus, ISFM’s journal for nurses and technicians.