Friday, December 9, 2016

We're interviewed by Dr Jim Euclid; Victoria Braithwaite talks about pain in fish and a pet portrait exhibition

wildlife, box, package
No, it isn't a Christmas present. Its how wildlife seem to arrive at the vet clinic.

Over the weekend we were interviewed by the wonderful Dr Jim Euclid for his VetX blog. You will need to register (for free) on the VetX website to view this and his other interviews. I’ve been a fan, so it was an honour to be the subject of one of these interviews. We covered everything from existential crises to tips for new graduates to politics of the workplace variety. Listen here.

Do fish feel pain? Last month Professor Victoria Braithwaite shared the history of her research on fish pain via the Human Animal Research Network. You can view the full lecture here.

Finally, if you’re into companion animals the National Portrait Gallery are hosting the Popular Pet Show until March 2017. Check it out here.

This week the number of contributions to The Vet Cook Book has climbed steadily. If you're keen to contribute drop us a line at vetbookbook[at], or follow the Vet Cook Book facebook page.