Sunday, November 20, 2016

Survival tips for new and recent graduates

I graduated a while ago now, but I am pretty sure if I came across these girls in my waiting room I'd feel like a new graduate (also, pretty perplexed as to how they got in).

About to graduate with a veterinary degree? Are you a new graduate? Are you a recent graduate? A recent graduate, according to organisations like the 
Australian Veterinary Association and the Centre for Veterinary Education, is someone who graduated within the last three years.

The reality is I felt like a recent graduate for a bit longer than that! It’s all relative, I suppose. One of my colleagues says it takes a good five years to find your feet in practice.  It would be interesting to survey veterinarians as to their own definitions of new/recent/not-so-new/what do you call vets at the other end of the spectrum vets. No doubt there are people with decades of practice under their belts who feel, in some ways, like new graduates.

The Centre for Veterinary Education is hosting its annual Recent Graduate Survival Seminar this week. It’s a very reasonably priced 1.5 day seminar which reviews key areas you need to be across to survive – and thrive - in practice. This includes ophthalmology, surgery, dermatology, medicine, anaesthesia, pathology, avian patients and veterinary ethics (I’ll be opening the latter can of worms).

They haven’t paid us* – nor even asked us – to mention that there are spots remaining, but here at SAT we’re big supporters of initiatives that support junior colleagues. For more info, click here.

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