Monday, August 1, 2016

We support the Baird Government's greyhound racing ban

greyhound, greenhound, greyhound racing
This is Flicker, an ex-racing greyhound. She is an absolute sweetheart.

The topic of greyhound racing has been discussed in the media and within many organisations since a ban on greyhound racing in New South Wales was announced last month. This is a complex issue and closing down of the industry must be carefully managed to minimise animal welfare costs. Nonetheless I support the ban on animal welfare grounds.

One thing I have been continually surprised about is the number of people who purport to have strong views on this matter who have nottaken the time to read the McHugh report.

Veterinarians and veterinary students who support the New South Wales Baird Government’s proposed ban on greyhound racing are encouraged to sign this open letter to the Government. There's also a letter for veterinary nurses to sign.

greyhound; greyhound racing
Flicker ,models her winter wardrobe.
I also encourage you to get involved with professional bodies and animal welfare organisations (such as the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League), and where possible offer assistance.

much loved greyhound, greenhound, greyhound as pet