Monday, August 22, 2016

Greyhound rehoming workshop

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How can you help greyhounds?
What will happen to all of the greyhounds now that it looks like greyhound racing will be banned in New South Wales? It’s the question on the lips of those in favour of the ban, those opposed to the ban, and everyone associated with these dogs.

The RSPCA NSW and Greyhounds as Pets have teamed up to hold a greyhound rehoming workshop for animal shelter staff and veterinarians.

The team from Greyhounds as Pets, and veterinary behaviourist Karen Dawson, will discuss how we can optimise the assessment and rehoming of retired racing greyhounds.

The workshop includes:
  • An overview of greyhound behaviour and legislation
  • An introduction to behavioural assessment to assess the suitability of a greyhound as a pet
  • A practical workshop on greyhound assessments
  • Greyhound specific adoption information

Registration is free. We hope that the event is oversubscribed and that more can be held. Even though the issue seems to have gone quiet in the media, the welfare of these dogs remains a concern and this is something practical that any vet or animal shelter worker can do to help ensure the welfare and well-being of the maximum number of greyhounds possible. To register, visit here.

In other news we have had some more submissions for our cookbook, one excellent muffin recipe containing the memorable instruction, “Just make sure you get the proportions of dry to moist close to right. The batter should fall easily off your wooden spoon at about the consistency of grass-fed rectal contents falling off a PR glove.”

Thanks Jan for the pic. This made our day!
The day after we posted our first sample recipe (Asti’sKale Tabouleh) we received a grateful email from a vet in the Top End who made and enjoyed it. If you want to have a bit of fun and contribute to a good cause, please check out the cook book concept here.