Friday, June 10, 2016

Exams, more vet blogging secrets and a dog day out for a cause

cats, exams, study, cramming
Exams can be stressful, but cats love to assist with the preparation.

It has been a massive week at SAT HQ, with the sitting of some important exams. We’re thinking of all of our colleagues (and indeed vet students) who have sat or about to sit exams. We know intimately the process of creating summaries, summaries of summaries, late night highlighting, early morning re-visiting of webinars, wall-papering your house with flow-charts, last minute cramming, strategizing, feelings of hopelessness and that rush of adrenaline as the invigilator says “you may now commence reading time”. Time seems to stop for that moment as you turn the page – will it confirm that indeed you have prepared well? Will you be blindsided? Will you be struck by the realisation that hang on a minute, I didn’t sign up for poultry medicine and I’m in the wrong room? Whatever happens we’re thinking of you.

One of our favourite vet bloggers is Dr Jo from the Creature Clinic in Melbourne. If you want to learn more about the secrets of blogging, check out this feature from Vet Answers.

Veterinary practice managers Liz Cooke and Sarah Curtis from the Illawarra Region (a little South of Sydney) have put their heads together to support the wellbeing of those in the veterinary profession. Unfortunately, and yet again, this is timely given some recent events. They’re hosting the inaugural “Connecting Paws” ball. It’s a fancy night and an opportunity to frock up for a good cause, with all funds going to support VetsBeyond Borders and the Australian Veterinary Association’s Benevolent Fund.

You can hear more about the initiative on Vet Talk TV here and also get tickets here.

Finally, if you’re in Sydney tomorrow and you just feel like getting out with your dog, head to Sydney Park in St Peters for The BigDoggie Day (also suitable for small doggies) from 10am to 3pm on Saturday. A gold coin donation will get you in and includes activities like dog walks, dog-focused entertainment and markets.

Money raised will support the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, an organisation that does important, much needed work. They’ve been forced to relocate and the costs are going to be massive, so any money raised for a new premises will help.