Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Contribute to a unique One Health legacy and find out what books and dogs have in common

Professor Rick Speare, onehealth
Professor Rick Speare at the AMRRIC tenth anniversary conference. This is how I remember him - funny, friendly and always collaborating.

Some people are just too amazing. Rick Speare believed in the concept of “one health” so much that he qualified as a veterinarian AND a medical doctor. I met him as a first year veterinary student and he was an absolutely humble, incredible person you just want to be when you grow up.

On Sunday June 5, when most of us were home getting ready for the week, Rick was travelling to do some teaching. In an incident which remains the subject of ongoing investigation, he was killed when his car collided with another. It’s hard to bear thinking about.

Emeritus Professor Speare, or Dr Dr Dr Speare as some liked to call him, was passionate about One Health and what it means. He cared for people and animals, and felt vets could play a bigger role helping humans. And he was always laughing or smiling, just such a positive force despite the serious issues he dealt with.

His funeral is this week. Instead of flowers, his family are requesting donations to the Rick Speare Memorial Fund (I cannot believe I am typing that) to continue important work for the Atoifi Research Group in theSolomons.

On a lighter note, veterinarian, writer and now up and coming blogger Dr Sophie Constable wrote this fantastic piece comparing two of humankind’s besties: books and dogs. Both are dog-eared after all…you can read her post here.