Saturday, May 7, 2016

Have your say on pet-friendly accommodation in NSW

Welcome home, Poppy. 
Every year, countless animals are surrendered in New South Wales because the owner cannot find pet-friendly accommodation. Here’s something that might help a little bit. The NSW Government Department of Fair Trading has release the very catchily titled Draft Strata Schemes ManagementRegulation 2016 for public consultation.

On the surface it might not sound like your ordinary weekend reading, but it represents a change from a regulation that was not pet friendly to one where pet-friendly strata schemes are the default option, rather than the exception.
The relevant bits are Part 5 by-laws, especially 16 (on p40), and Schedule 3 (Clause 38) 5.

If you support this it’s worth providing positive feedback. Submissions can be made via email before May 27. You can have your say here.

(We thank our friends at the Cat Protection Society for this tip).